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In exactly one month I’ll embark into a new and exciting learning adventure. I’ll be working as an intern at Crayfish Bay Organic Cocoa Estate located on the rural North West coast of the island of Grenada. A two hundred year old 15 acre estate which has been restored into a working commercial organic cocoa farm after it was severely damaged by hurricane Iván in 2004.

Organic Cacao Grenada

Organic Cacao Crayfish Bay Estate, Grenada

Crayfish Bay Organic Cocoa Estate supplies local chocolate factory The Grenada Chocolate Company with it’s fine cacao beans, which carefully crafts one of the best and probably the most ethical chocolate in the world. Also, they recently started providing bean-to-bar chocolatier Pump Street Bakery in London, with their premium organic cacao beans to create a hand-made, critically acclaimed single origin chocolate bar.



Grenada, also known as the “spice island”, has a long tradition of cacao cultivation together with mace and nutmeg, as the name implies. I’m eager to arrive and finally meet owners/hosts Kim and Lylette, grenadian farmers, learn about their history and visit their beautiful natural attractions. It will surely be a great experience meeting new friends. I’ll make constant updates to our blog section once settled.